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So why The TubcuT™?

Designed to help you stay in your home, maintain your independence, and bathe with dignity.

Not a cap, The TubcuT becomes integral with your tub creating a factory appearance.

When no longer needed, the cut-out piece can be replaced, restoring the tub to original condition.

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 Easy Walk-in Reversible Tub Conversions



THE TubcuT

  Convert Your Bathtub Into a Walk-In Shower

The TubcuT™ is an adaptive tub conversion that is available nationally through Certified TubcuT Installers. In about half a day it creates easier, step-thru access in the front of any existing fiberglass, acrylic, steel or cast iron bathtub.

This in-home accessibility modification can be sized to your specifications, and gives the bathtub a seamless, "factory" look.

See the Photo Gallery below for examples.


Q: What exactly is TubcuT™

A: The TUBCUT™ is an adaptive tub conversion that is available nationally through Independent Dealers. In about half a day it creates easier, step-thru access in the front of any existing fiberglass, acrylic, steel or cast iron bathtub.

The TUBCUT™ opening is made with one-half inch thick panels that are shaped right on the job-site for a custom fit. The panels become structurally part of the tub with our strong bonding process. The panels are made of a durable material that is easy to clean. And the tub color is matched perfectly to the panel's edge for a seamless look.
Once installed, the bathtub can only be used as a shower, since there is no door.

Q: Why is your product better than the competition?

Our competitors use plastic caps or one-piece inserts. Those products are typically attached to the tub with caulk only. And since they are pre-formed, caps have a fixed width and a fixed depth of only nine inches or so. That means if your tub is nineteen inches tall, your step-up will still be ten inches.

Our product can reach to the bottom of the deepest tub, and can be made as wide or narrow as needed for the situation.

Even soaking tubs, whirlpools, decked-mounted and tiled-in tubs are no problem.

And if The TUBCUT™ is no longer needed, it can be easily RESTORED. Saving the tub's cut-out section can preserve the option to restore the tub to its original condition. Most caps or one-piece inserts don't allow your original tub to be restored.

Q: What is Access Designs, Inc.?

: Access Designs, Inc., headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been innovator of high quality bathtub accessibility products since 1993. They are a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau. Access Designs, Inc. developed the TUBCUT™ with the help of grants from Virginia Assistive Technology and the Center for Innovative Technology.


"The job done saved us lots of money in remodeling. The gentleman was prompt, courteous and very neat with his work. We just want to say Thank You for such a wonderful job. Our mother loves the accessibility and freedom of her new tub. She can actually get into the tub to take a shower by herself and it's much safer. Again, thanks for such a great job."


"Mike did a great job installing my TUBCUT. He was efficient, clean and WOW was my tub beautiful! The TUBCUT really does have that 'factory' look."

Kermit N.

"Great job! I am really, really pleased with how my tub turned out. And after the work, my bathroom was just as clean as before."

Mrs. B.

"I want to thank you so much for installing the 'TubcuT' in my home. It really is a life saver for me. My home is very old and was built in the days of no stall showers. Yet I needed the convenience of not having to step over the tub, particularly since my car accident. Your service was prompt and the installation was perfect. I am so pleased. Thank you and be assured I will recommend 'TubcuT' with confidence."

Helen V.

I have to tell you I came across your "Tub Cut" site by accident. I had been searching the net looking for handicap... options that would make life easier for my wife... For the past 4 years, the only way she was able to get in to a tub to take a shower was if I actually lifted her legs over the tub. I had been wishing I could have the existing tub removed and replaced with a shower.

However the cost would be great and due to the fact that we have only 1 bathroom, it would have been impossible to go a week without one while it was being renovated. But once I saw your site, I knew there was answer!

I really can not find enough words to express how happy we are with the "Tub Cut". This is an incredible process that will no doubt fulfill the needs of our aging population. It has given back my wife some of her dignity, pride and independence.

I have attached a few photos of the work while it was in progress. Thanks again to Marty and Brian!"

Regards, John R.

"Two full knee replacement surgeries and physical weakness rendered my wife, Marilyn, unable to sit in a tub, bathe, and rise unassisted. Her bathing is now practical and safe entering the tub to sit on a shower chair. TubcuT™ and anti-slip surfaces made all this possible. A conventional shower stall was rejected, requiring three times the cost and four times the inconvenience, noise and dust.

Our son, Dennis, and I, both engineers, appreciate the design and the materials and process used. We have no significant suggestions...only approval.

It is a pleasure for us to speak freely of human work in superlative terms as this project deserves. To be fully successful, as this project is, depends stongly on the integrity and skill of the worker to achieve both functionality and cosmetic appeal including cleanup. You also considered us in your activity causing minimal inconvenience and little distress for my wife just home after ten days in the hospital. Marilyn and I feel blessed that Dennis found you for us. May our Lord jesus Christ grant you his peace and everything good."

John Dicken
November 22, 2006

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The TubcuT™ is The Original
Tub-to-Shower Conversion.

The TubcuT™ is custom fitted to your tub creating a seamless, factory appearance, unlike the one piece insert .
The TubcuT threshold is 4” above the floor giving you easier, safer access to your tub, unlike the one piece insert,
The TubcuT™ is the only tub-to-shower conversion that can be REVERSED!  Save the cut out section of the tub and we can restore your tub to its original condition.  One piece inserts do not allow your bathtub to be restored.
The TubcuT™ has a life time warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Independence and Dignity...

Independence and dignity are important keys to maintaining a good quality of life. We know The TubcuT™ will improve accessibility and help people remain in their homes for as long as possible.

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